Endorsements & Reviews

"Jennifer's characters are truthful, genuine, and most importantly well-crafted. Her one-woman show is not to be missed. She completely won over our national conference audience, and her performance stood out as a highlight at our event. We'd hire her again no question, and recommend her for occasions needing absolute entertainment."
- Jaime Carrillo, Idealist.org, NYC
"Wedgies and Icecubes unite! If you don't know what that means, then you have to see Jennifer Blaine's show! Jennifer Blaine brings humor to the very difficult topic of gender relationships and makes it funny. We all laughed so much and hope we can have her back for a return performance." - Trinity College, Washington D.C.
"Jennifer made us all laugh so much. People were impressed with her facility for being a wide-range of characters, taking on such a pertinent topic, and providing so much humor throughout."
- Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
"There's something for everyone in Jennifer Blaine's show: SORRY. Everybody is part of the fun. All the character interactions were fresh and unpredictable. She found a way to make everyone feel like a pivotal part of the performance. She is hysterically funny. We laughed so hard our faces hurt!" - Converse College, South Carolina
Jennifer Blaine is enthusiastic, energetic, and hysterical. Her performance of "Sorry" was an incredibly funny portrayal of the difference between men and women and the way each relates to the word sorry. We would highly recommend this performance to everyone." - Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, , Clark University, Worcester MA
For more information contact: Jennifer Blaine: (215) 546-1612
E-mail: jenniferblaine@earthlink.net www.jenniferblaine.com.