Jennifer Blaine, "master of characters and voices," (City Paper) recounts zany tales of her journey as an actress from obscurity to a full page spread in Philadelphia City Paper. Using stand-up and audience participation, Blaine presents the synchronicities that link her experiences with the characters who flood her mind.


The show chronicles the absurdities and synchronicities of living a creative life.
"Hearing Voices" will feature over thirty characters, real and imagined, whom Blaine has encountered in her travels.
On board for the trip will be favorites such as Dr. Amir, an Indian Ayurvedic Doctor,
Ruth, an old Jewish woman
who is famous for her dirty jokes,
and Danny, a guy from Brooklyn who hits on anything that moves.
What critics have said about Blaine's previous one-woman shows:
"Not even Sybil could compete with all of her personalities. Her comic genius is like Lily Tomlin & Tracey Ullman." Philadelphia Daily News

In her sharp, funny one-woman show, "SORRY," actress-comedian Jennifer Blaine takes a look at men, women and the word that separates us all: "sorry." Her wacky assortment of characters keep you engaged from start to finish, as well as stock you up with a few dirty jokes sure to delight the grandparents." Philadelphia Daily News, 2003

"In "Upside Down…Whuh?" Blaine proffers spot-on physical characterizations. Ruth's quivering bent-over body and Danny's macho postures are both convincing and laugh-out loud funny." From a feature by Deni Kasrel, "Cult of Personality," Philadelphia Daily News, 2006
Join comedian Jennifer Blaine for her latest one-woman show.
Deni Kasrel of CITY PAPER recently featured Blaine in an article: "In Blaine's work there's issues of diversity and connectivity. Being connected to everybody in the world. The shows have a unifying effect." Jennifer is honored that two of her previous Philly Fringe shows were both chosen as "Pick of the Fringe" by City Paper. Blaine has also enjoyed periodic performances at the WomenSpeak Theater Festival for her shows "Sorry" and for "White Flight: A Love Letter to My Neighborhood."
Blaine attracts a wide audience, ranging in ages, races, and voices as diverse as her characters and unites them all in laughter. She has opened for Joe Piscopo at The Sands in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Blaine has opened for George Carlin, performed with Chris Rock, was featured on ABC's Philly After Midnight, and has appeared on Broadway.
Blaine's original characters thrive off the spontaneous improvisational interplay with the audience. She regularly appears in voiceovers and commercials, at the Philadelphia Female Funny Fest, and entertains at colleges and special events throughout the country. Jennifer Blaine has been creating solo performances since 1995, when her first full-length show premiered at the Samuel Beckett on Theatre Row in New York City.
709 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146