"Jennifer makes me laugh so hard she increases my white blood cell count."
"There is no one else like Jennifer."
The premier of OUT OF CONTROL was standing room only!
About the Show

Motherhood. The most important job in the world. Yet there is no test to pass. You’d think there’d be something. A ring toss perhaps.

Now I am a mother. Truly it is like overnight I have been indoctrinated into a secret society, where I am on the most challenging and rewardingollercoaster ride. Why didn’t anybody tell me?!

In this show I spill the beans on everything from baby naming and nursing, to sex and dating, to how in the world we raise a child in our modern world when we have no idea what we’re doing. The show is primarily stand-up, with appearances by some of my most loved characters such as Dr. Amir, Ruth, and Danny – and of course the chance for you to be part of the show too.

It has taken me nearly three years to craft this labor of love. I hope you will join me to laugh OUT OF CONTROL.

Photo by John Cregar