The Vicissitudes of Travel is a multi-character, solo-performance and gently interactive adventure through time, memory and art.  

Terrified by the idea of losing her brother, a determined (if slightly narcissistic) sister charters a unique tour through her brothers brain surgery in a desperate attempt to capture her brother before the journeys end.  

Invited to climb aboard by a particularly enthusiastic guide and art historian, we journey through a museum of imagined visual art and subjective memories, with Mother, Father, Child, Uncle, Sister, Guide, Brain Tumor and Brother, himself. 

Blaine's solo shows delve into serious and socially relevant issues and connects audiences through humor and irreverent dialogue. Shes opened for George Carlin and performed with Chris Rock. According to the Philadelphia Daily News not even Sybil can compete with Blaines cast of characters. Her comic genius is like Lily Tomlin and Tracey Ullman. She is the resident theatre artist at the Showstoppers program at The Kimmel Center.
KAREN GETZ-Philly Fringe creations and performances:(Suburban Love Songs (Live Arts, 2006)and Disco Descending (Live Arts, 2008) LunchLady Doris (Fringe-1999-2009) Plus other fringe shows: Martha Manning, Killer Pussy, Cecily and Gwendolyns Fantastical..Yes, she is in Dirty Dancing. karen getz