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Watercolor quote marks for testimonials“Not even Sybil could compete with all of her personalities. Her comic genius is like Lily Tomlin & Tracey Ullman.” Philadelphia Daily News

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Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Jennifer was the first person to coach me on character and script development, and her guidance was invaluable. Her creativity is truly boundless and generous. I am so grateful to know, learn from, and collaborate with Jennifer!” Karen Gross, Cabaret Performer, Communications Consultant, and Founder/Host of She Rocked it
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Jennifer is extraordinarily skilled at embodying vastly different characters. Her talent is intimidating yet her heart is so wide!” Elizabeth Liang, Actor/Writer/Producer/Facilitator/Speaker
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “You are easy to work with, you’re a joy to work with! I love your out of the box thinking. The way you bring solutions, ideas, offerings, that maybe other people don’t think of – your mind is expansive and you’re coming to these creative spaces from that orientation and that helps those of us who are too tunnel-visioned or too close to something to cast a wider lens. Your presence affirmed my own creative gifts and offerings and my worthiness of taking up space and the validity of my own ideas. I have always found it incredibly affirming to work with you. You are able to meld so many seemingly disparate threads that may not feel like they’re cohesive or related but you bring them all together in a way that makes sense and is often inspiring, energizing and moving. You bring this really keen intellect and wit together with just plain pure comedy and I think that is a real gift and a unique knack that you have, and I love you.” Naila Francis, poet, ordained minister, freelance writer