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"A Jennifer Story" Highlight Reel

Mannequin by Jennifer Blaine
Mannequin by Jennifer Baine

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Mannequin, Solo Version, by Jennifer Blaine

"The Vicissitudes of Travel"

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Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “The playful magic in Blaine’s ability to crisply inhabit an entire cast of characters may at first lead you to expect a Wonderland of her invention. But hold on tight. THE VICISSITUDES OF TRAVEL has the visceral drive of a fever dream—its final destination at once unforgivingly foreign, yet strikingly similar to the place you call home.” Ken Youmans, critic
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Jennifer’s original shows are each perfect for any event that you need guaranteed laughter!

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Jennifer Blaine Dirty Joke postcard

Review of Dirty Joke from City Paper

With Dirty Joke, Jennifer Blaine presents social commentary wrapped up in a comedy show. Appearing as her recurring character Ruth, a feisty old lady, she reels out a host of dirty jokes that would be right at home on the borscht belt. Ruth is all excited about the amazing Superwoman Conference, where she reminds us, “We’re using ‘woman’ to mean ‘a person.'” That’s one of her many zingers that are meant to make you think twice.

We’re using ‘woman’ to mean ‘a person.’

Through this unifying context, Ruth introduces us to a string of real-life individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving the human condition, a few of whom are well known here in the U.S., like Madeline Albright and Arianna Huffington — others less so, such as Kiran Beth Sethi, an Indian educator, and Wangari Maathai, a Nobel Prize-winning Kenyan activist.

Each is represented through deft impersonation by Blaine, who also occasionally breaks out in song, employing showtune melodies combined with her own crafty lyrics. One example: “That’s Why Scalia is a Schmuck” (sung to the tune of “The Lady is a Tramp”).
And there’s a sub-story line where Ruth embodies the ravages of old age, including ever declining physical infirmity and what looks to be impending Alzheimer’s.
It’s comedy with a conscience about very serious topics, but it doesn’t feel preachy. Blaine is warm and thoughtful, never pushy or pedantic, and of course there’s all those dirty jokes.


FringeArts 2018 Standing Room Only at L’Etage. Feminist prizes! Escape into the absurd humor of Jennifer Blaine as she wrestles the ridiculous – from motherhood to the patriarchy to bestiality.

Jennifer Blaine 5000 women

Older Wiser Bitchier!

Out of Control!

A mother of a show; the agony and ecstasy of motherhood

Photo by John Cregar

The premier of OUT OF CONTROL was standing room only!

Motherhood. The most important job in the world. Yet there is no test to pass. You’d think there’d be something. A ring toss perhaps.

Now I am a mother. Truly it is like overnight I have been indoctrinated into a secret society, where I am on the most challenging and rewarding rollercoaster ride. Why didn’t anybody tell me?!

In this show I spill the beans on everything from baby naming and nursing, to sex and dating, to how in the world we raise a child in our modern world when we have no idea what we’re doing. The show is primarily stand-up, with appearances by some of my most loved characters such as Dr. Amir, Ruth, and Danny – and of course the chance for you to be part of the show too.

It has taken me nearly three years to craft this labor of love. I hope you will join me to laugh OUT OF CONTROL.

Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Not even Sybil could compete with all of her personalities. Her comic genius is like Lily Tomlin & Tracey Ullman.” Philadelphia Daily News

Hearing Voices

Absurdities and synchronicities in living a creative life.

Jennifer Blaine, “master of characters and voices,” (City Paper) recounts zany tales of her journey as an actress from obscurity to a full page spread in Philadelphia City Paper. Using stand-up and audience participation, Blaine presents the synchronicities that link her experiences with the characters who flood her mind.

The show chronicles the absurdities and synchronicities of living a creative life.

"Hearing Voices" features over thirty characters, real and imagined, whom Blaine has encountered in her travels.

Jennifer Blaine Hearing Voices

Come see "Sorry" so you don't have to be sorry! It's a comedy!!!

One little word that separates men and women
Jennifer Blaine Press Release

A woman holds the door for you. You walk through. She says “sorry.” Why do women say “sorry” unnecessarily? Can they stop? If something is not right, women want to hear “I’m sorry.” Trouble is they’re saying it even when they haven’t done anything wrong. In her one-woman show Jennifer Blaine sets the record straight through more than a dozen characters.

Jennifer Blaine, host of the annual Philadelphia Women’s Comedy Festival, has made audiences laugh for years. 

Although she has been creating work, which is comprised exclusively of characters, in this show “Sorry” she includes herself as a narrator. Due to the world’s ever-growing unconsciousness and corruption, Jennifer felt called to take on the topic of gender, etiquette, and politics – and be funny about it. She has been collaborating with her father, Ed Blaine, a fiction writer for such publications as the North American Review and The Village Voice.

Together they hope this show will entertain, unify, and illuminate – but mostly that it will make you laugh. Her solo show from last year, Cure-Alls, took her to Denver, Tampa, New York City, as well as other cities.

"Sorry" Show Reviews

Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Jennifer Blaine is enthusiastic, energetic, and hysterical. Her performance of “Sorry” was an incredibly funny portrayal of the difference between men and women and the way each relates to the word sorry. We would highly recommend this performance to everyone.” Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Clark University, Worcester MA
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “In her sharp, funny one-woman show, actress-comedian Jennifer Blaine takes a look at men, women and the word that separates us all: “sorry.” Her wacky assortment of characters – the self-help Indian doctor and elderly Jewish woman steal the show – keep you engaged from start to finish, as well as stock you up with a few dirty jokes sure to delight the grandparents. Best arrive early for a chance at seats.” Elizabeth Greenspan, CITY PAPER September 2003
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Jennifer’s characters are truthful, genuine, and most importantly well-crafted. Her one-woman show is not to be missed. She completely won over our national conference audience, and her performance stood out as a highlight at our event. We’d hire her again no question and recommend her for occasions needing absolute entertainment.” Jaime Carrillo,, NYC
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Jennifer Blaine’s performance is outstanding. Her poignant use of humor is sheer catharsis for any woman who feels like she apologizes for everyone & everything. And to keep it gender-friendly, her ability to capture male personas makes “Sorry” a must-see.” Stasia DeMarco, Weekend Host & News Anchor WHYY
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Wedgies and Icecubes unite! If you don’t know what that means, then you have to see Jennifer Blaine’s show! Jennifer Blaine brings humor to the very difficult topic of gender relationships and makes it funny. We all laughed so much and hope we can have her back for a return performance” Trinity College, Washington D.C.
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Jennifer made us all laugh so much. People were impressed with her facility for being a wide range of characters, taking on such a pertinent topic, and providing so much humor throughout” Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “There’s something for everyone in Jennifer Blaine’s show: SORRY. Everybody is part of the fun. All the character interactions were fresh and unpredictable. She found a way to make everyone feel like a pivotal part of the performance. She is hysterically funny. We laughed so hard our faces hurt!” Converse College, South Carolina
Jennifer Blaine Love letter to neighbors

White Flight
A Love Letter to my Neighborhood

The early 1970s when cities were donuts, (white suburbs with minority centers).

“White Flight” is a mix of personal recollection, monologues, and dialogues between Jennifer’s many alter egos.

Jennifer Blaine intends to tour White Flight to any city, town, college, or country that is thirsting for dialogue about creating thriving, diverse, multi-cultural community.

Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “Jennifer Blaine is a master of voices and characters, and she uses that gift to explore social phenomena to sometimes poignant, always comedic effect. Her work with the Female FunnyFest and last year’s show SORRY have gained her a small following, sure to grow this year as she takes on the phenomenon of white flight from urban centers in the early 1970s.” Debra Auspitz, City Paper
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “I’m still laughing about your show: “White Flight!”, and I almost have your theme song out of my head now. I so look forward to working with you next year!” Barry Becker, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, 2004
Watercolor quote marks for testimonials “When you hear a music group’s “hit song” you have to wait years for the next one. With Jennifer, you don’t have to wait. Her next show is always super!” Jim Clapp, Newark Delaware
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