Getting Creative with Jennifer Blaine

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Get Creative with Jennifer Blaine comedy show Feb 24, 2024

Would you like to be entertained while growing your creativity?

Are you stymied or stuck and would love creativity to illuminate the way forward? 

Have you been told you’re not creative but you want to discover how you are creative!??

Answered yes to any of these?! Then this performance and interactive workshop/playshop is for you!

In Getting Creative with Jennifer Blaine:

I will Perform for part of the evening

I will Illustrate and model how to be creative in my own unique way

All of us will practice being creative

All of us will PLAY

**I will do live coaching on ANYTHING – personal or a project where people are stuck


  • Improve your state of mind to be more creative
  • Be inspired and entertained
  • Clear the space emotionally or logistically to connect to your creativity
  • Get input on actual ideas or projects
  • Laugh
  • Be with sacred community
  • Release a burden so you get clarity on what’s important
  • Have a breakthrough in your creativity

WHY offer this?!******

Last year I got a big Ah-hah!  I realized my purpose is to assist others to have a breakthrough in their creativity. That can happen when you see me perform, and/or when I talk about creativity, and/or when I coach. That’s why I will do all of the above in this new series GETTING CREATIVE WITH JENNIFER BLAINE.


2/24 8pm (it will be 90-120 minutes depending on how much we get creative!)

$25 Early Bird – $30 at the door

WHERE: 761 S. 8th Street

My current artistic home in Philly is Mister John’s Music. Mister John provides music lessons for kids and adults alike. This is an amazing center. I so appreciate how he is cultivating a community here. There is a brand-new renovated building which is so lovely and special, which itself is an inspiration in creativity. Come check out the new building at 761 S. 8th Street, at the Northwest Corner of 8th and Catherine Streets


“There are so many things in Jennifer’s wheelhouse to help you get unstuck and jog your creativity. Her work’s intention is to move us all into greater creativity, open up minds so situations can look a different way after we engage. When you are at her shows or workshops a lot of possibilities open for each person. In this evening you get all of her talents combined. I’m definitely going to be there!” — amazed participant.


VICISSITUDES OF TRAVEL live performance 10-13

Compassion in Medicine: “Sister” leads us on a dynamic bus tour through her brother’s brain surgery in an attempt to save him before it’s too late.

Join us for a powerful show that illuminates the power of compassion and empathy in medicine and the transformative influence of listening, empathy, and patient-centered care. Actor/writer Jennifer Blaine will perform the piece and in the post-show discussion we will relate about the personal and professional questions and insights the show evokes.

DATE: OCTOBER 13, 2023



Jennifer Blaine & Friends

Jennifer Blaine has been called a comedian, character chameleon, a FringeArts favorite. She’s done 18 Fringes. She can’t name the content for this show since she hasn’t created it yet. You can expect stories, song, spontaneity, & uniting the audience in laughter — those are her signature trademark!