What It Takes To Be A Success: Cultivating Tenacity, No Matter What

Last summer I was invited to audition for a series of voiceovers for an Atlantic City casino (I won’t be naming names). It was during the worst heat wave of the summer, 98 degrees in the shade. But I was committed to getting there to audition, and I got permission for my daughter, 5, to accompany me because she is interested in learning about the business of acting.

I got the script and it was inventive and playful. I gave an initial read of the copy (an insider’s term for script), took feedback, and did my best to give the producers what they wanted. I looked at my daughter and her stuffed animal through the glass of the recording booth. She held up a thumb’s up. Everyone was really happy with my work. The studio kept me there, requesting various multiple reads. I felt great about my chances. It turns out I was the only person even asked to audition for the part.

Guess what?

I did not get the part. No one did. If you visit the website you can see an infomercial which features gorgeous models shopping, going to the spa, gambling, and getting into bed, along with fun upbeat music. But there is no voice to read the fabulous copy I used at the audition.

So what lesson can I take from this ego-bruising experience?

Sometimes we do our best and it doesn’t pan out. That is part of the process. I think the word process is key here. The universe sometimes puts events in our lives to just see whether we are only committed to getting results, or if we are committed to continuing to show up and be in the process, no matter what. If I look at it in terms of process, I am honored to have been able to audition at all. I am glad I got to take my daughter to work. And I am grateful for the opportunity to lend my voice, be part of a creative process.

Sometimes the reward is just showing up and giving. If we do that with grace we develop the tenacity to be able to stay in the creative process for the long haul.

What do you think?

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